July-August 2014

Preparing for Art Exhibition



June 2014

Fascinating Gardening Tales with Dr Dianne Barre
and Mid Summer Songs by Andante Choir

Many thanks to all our friends who helped to provide 
a lovely afternoon of music, stories and strawberry cream teas
for our visitors. The event raised £462

May 2014

Clare Taylor Art Exhibition

20 May and we prepared for the exhibition



At long last the fence was removed before our visitors arrived.


We appreciated the help of everyone who baked cakes or helped during 
the exhibition.




Thanks to everyone who came to the exhibition which raised £376
towards the restoration.

April 2014

We removed Ivy from the Yew Tree arch following the damage
caused to Yew Trees during the winter.
We prepared a pathway so that Japanese Knotweed
can be treated as part of our on-going eradication programme.
Thenwe cleared the storeroom out. Finally we admired the wonderful blossom!




March 2014
We shredded the dead branches and used the chippings to 
help make the woodland path easier to walk on.It also 
provided ground cover to prevent weeds coming through. 
The plants survived!




February 2014
Despite the hard work to clear the storm damage we continued 
to clear the pathway to the potential car park area.



Storm Damage
Two trees fell down during storms and a week later a third
tree fell on top of them.

That was followed by tremendous gales and a window was blown in.

         Fallen trees block the Long Walk     

In March 2013 between rain and snow we managed to burn the brash.



  During February 2013 the old heating system was explored



In January we cleared the rear of the Orangery.

We had inspiration from a Talbot Hound

to be carved as our future mascot




November and December 2012 we continued to clear out the self setted elders, nettles and brambles. Daffodil bulbs were planted too so that there would be colour in the Spring.

 In October we were visited by

Spartacus Chetwynd a Turner Prize nominee 


Spartacus was interviewed by Liz Copper while we were all photographed by the local press.

In September 2012 we enjoyed gardening in warm sunshine




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